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Purple-themed parties can work anytime of the year. When talking about purple, it always refers to eminence, wealth and richness. Purple is likewise a flexible shade however you would prefer not to have it excessively awe-inspiring. When applying purple party dresses, some factors should consider making your appearance ensured very well.

Colour of the Purple Party Dresses ... Read more »

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There's nothing cuter than a woodland critter, and when you're faced with something so adorable... well, you kind of just want to take it with you everywhere. So we've pulled together all the best hedgehog, fox and owl-printed goodies to wear around campus, from sweaters to boots to scarves and more.

1. Womens Print Rain Boot Wellies- Purple Painty Pheasant, $69, Joules

We’re loving these wellies—they are perfect for any snow or thunderstorm. The deep purple color will match all of your dark winter clothes, while the small bird graphics put a whimsical spin on your average rain boots. Wear with knitted legwarmers and leggings and to keep warm all winter. ... Read more »

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With the winter months come cold weather, shorter days and the winter blues. The gloomy weather gets all of us down—even our outfits, which tend to be all black or gray. But there’s an easy fix to this, and that’s adding a pop of color to your ensemble! Whether it’s a small accessory or a larger piece of clothing, adding some color to your outfit might be just what you needed to cheer you up this season.

1. Cozy up in a colorful wool coat women

Wool coat


Warehouse black jacquard pants
$55 - johnlewis.com


Forever 21 shoes


Coats are a winter wardrobe staple, so they’re the perfect way to introduce some fun hues into your outfit. A nice woolen coat already keeps you warm during the chilly months, but wearing one in a color like a mint or royal blue will make your outfit much cheerier than an all-black getup. ... Read more »

Category: Women's Fashion | Views: 2935 | Added by: thille | Date: 2015-01-26 | Comments (0)