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12 Outfit Ideas for Turtleneck and Mini Skirt

Turtleneck and mini skirt is an outfit combination one fashion-forward lady would be happy to wear. Whether your personal fashion style is of minimalist, grunge, or trendy, you will be sure to have this outfit combination up in any kind of outfit for any kind of event.

Turtleneck and mini skirt can also be a year-round outfit combination. Especially if you know the right pieces and clothing to wear and incorporate with them. Here, I give you, 13 awesome outfit ideas for turtleneck and mini skirt that will surprisingly delight you with great fashion and style inspirations.

1. For a perfect fall or winter modern and feminine outfit, take out your solid colored turtleneck and mini skirt and slip on a pair of tights. Accessorize with your chosen winter hat, chic jacket, and ankle booties. For an all out additional feminine touch, you could also slip on a pair of leather gloves.

2. Create that classic Parisian look with a loose black turtleneck and pair it with a subtly printed mini skirt. This works real well for those with blunt bob hairstyles because the hair will add to the Parisian feel to your look. Keep your accessories to a minimum, too.

3. You could change up a few tiny details from the outfit above and go for a fitting turtleneck top and pair it with a flared mini skirt for a modern and sexy look. This turtleneck and mini skirt outfit will definitely help in showing off and emphasizing your curves.

4. Disrupt the overwhelming sleekness of your winter office outfits by slipping on a slouchy knitted turtleneck sweater instead of your typical office tailored blouse. It softens up your look and give it the ounce of homey and welcoming feeling that your look needs. Plus, the knit sweater is quite cozy, too.

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5. Take away the tailored coat of the above outfit, let your oversized turtleneck top be free, and tie up your hair in a casual ‘do. That will give you a simple yet absolutely pretty casual look with turtleneck and mini skirt for the colder seasons.

6. I did mention earlier that the turtleneck and mini skirt outfit combination is great for any kind of style. Here, Alexa Chung made this cute outfit inspiration a little more classy and retained its ladylike essence with a silky turtleneck blouse paired with a button front mini skirt. This is absolutely perfect for any semi-formal event you’ll be going to.

7. Do you have a mini skirt that you want to show off? Incorporate it into a monochromatic outfit where it will stand out really well. In the case of the girl below, she put her groovy tweed skirt among an all black ensemble and made the vintage-looking skirt look sleeker and appropriate for a contemporary look.

8. Get all cozied up and ready for the winter holidays by putting together a lazy I-just-got-up-from-bed look with a chunky and oversized turtleneck jumper paired with a suede skirt partially hidden underneath.

9. Add a little summer sunshine feel to your look by putting together a turtleneck and a denim mini skirt. I would suggest going for light colors on this one, especially if your denim is of light wash.

10. Do you think that your turtleneck and mini skirt outfit is too polished? Add a little ounce of casualness into your outfit! Slip on your favorite denim jacket and that will definitely do the trick.

11. If the weather is warm outside, exchange your usual turtleneck long sleeved tops with a sleeveless one. In this case, go for a sunny and girly look with the turtleneck cute tank tops and flared mini skrt in pastel and light colors.

12. Are you going out to someplace with lots of people and the heat is legit? Create a sophisticated night attire with a turtleneck tank top tucked in a leather mini skirt with a statement belt holding together. You can always wear a coat over the ensemble and just slip off of it when inside.

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